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First Scouting Pics

It’s that time of year again, Dylan Carr from Diamond C Outfitters starts sending me the scouting pictures. I’m heading up to the ranch August 3rd looking for a big buck to take with my bow. These are representative of the quality of deer we’ll see. Hoping to get one of something extraordinary that we’ll focus on for the hunt.



I had seen the top buck last year and passed on him as his fronts were a little shallow. He’s a great buck though and might not hesitate to take him with my bow. Here is a picture of him last year from my November hunt.

New kids on the block

First bucks showing up on the trail cam for 2011 along with some new fawns. Lots of pics with a doe with a single fawn and this doe with two fawns.

And lots of video of this young buck sporting a single spike in velvet.

And our first full fledged buck of the year, this buck was barely a forky last year so we’ll see how he does by fall.