Bernie (1981-1998)

Bernie, puppy of Nails and Belle, was born in June, 1981 in Saratoga, Ca. Bernie was named for his close resemblance to a Saint Bernard. He was classically trained and retrained in obedience by then Kari Miller. Under Kari’s training he achieved great success in the amateur racing circuit winning cash awards and many ribbons.

In retirement he enjoyed his morning and afternoon constitutionals which often afforded him the opportunity to chase squirrels, intimidate larger dogs, and frighten adoring children. Bernie closely resembled TV personality “Wishbone” and would often draw a crowd. Bernie was happiest while with Kari. He would accompany her to the barn each evening where he would sometimes kill mice in the feed room or have encounters with assorted barn fauna.

Despite a brief and tempestuous affair with a pretty young bitch named “Cookie”, which ended badly, Bernie remained a bachelor all his life. Bernie held little regard for matrimony, nevertheless, he rose to the occasion to be the ring bearer at our wedding, and reluctantly gave me his blessing to wed Kari.

In his twilight years Bernie turned towards academia. His work in Squeaky Toy Failure Analysis received critical acclaim and he was recognized as an expert on Canine Sleep Theory and Practice. He would tirelessly roam the halls reviewing his theorems and conclusions until finding his pillow, yet again.

Bernie was well loved and we will miss him greatly. We hope you enjoyed hearing about his life and will remember him too. Private services have been held. Donations in Bernie’s name can be made to his favorite charity: Ralston Purina Corporation; Pupperoni Snack Stick Division. Or, just take your own dog for a walk or out to play. They don’t live forever you know. Thanks for being a friend of Bernie’s.