In January of 2002 I went hunting for the first time. On a guided pig hunt in Parkfield we spotted a solitary boar feeding near the oaks on the far hill in picture above. I set my rifle down on the fallen tree trunk and made the shot taking a 250 pound trophy boar with three inch tusks. Since then I’ve been hunting every year taking my first buck that same summer hunting again with Kyler Hamann in Parkfield, Ca. After a few more hunts with Kyler I tried my luck up north at the Cottrell Ranch taking a nice management buck. I also entered the draw for many hunts across the southwest through USO and have since taken Elk, Whitetail Deer, and Mule Deer through their service. I’ve taken an excellent mule deer and antelope hunting in Colorado with Wes Atkinson and am eager to hunt with Wes again when I can. Since 2005 I’ve been hunting Blacktail Deer and Pigs every year up in Humboldt County with Dylan Carr and have taken some exceptional bucks with my rifle and now my first buck and pig with my bow.

I have a collection of hunting pictures on flickr.

Here is my Shutterfly hunting photo book:

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