Ireland 1983

In 1983 I was twenty years old and had planned a great adventure, to go on a solo summer backpacking trip across Ireland. My grandfather was born in Limerick, Ireland. My parents had been back and visited with our relatives there and had a great time. I wanted to go explore my Irish roots. Soon my brother Tim wanted to come along and then our cousin Mike Cleary, so we decided we would meet Mike in Dublin, rent a car and tour the entire country.

It’s hard to describe just what an incredible time we had. I was working in the photo department of a Payless store at the time and brought a lot of film for my brother and I to use with our Canon AE-1s and we took a lot of pictures!

Nearly thirty years later my old photo album full of tiny 3×5 color prints is falling apart. I finally bit the bullet and bought a Canon film scanner and scanned the 35mm negatives to have high res images online. I put together a photo book on Shutterfly for Tim and Mike and also uploaded the same files to animoto to make an online slideshow set to one of our favorite Irish bands from that time Thin Lizzy.