Fremont Peak Park- My new favorite Suzuki DRZ400 Ride

The good parts start after a short fifteen minute ride. Taking the Echo Valley Canyon exit from 101 it takes you to San Juan Rd towards San Juan Bautista. It’s a fun winding road for the most part but the surface gets increasingly worse as you near San Juan Bautista. Parts seem less asphalt and more broken concrete with large treacherous potholes. That and you have to watch for fast cars in the middle of blind turns so you stay on the right as much as possible. It would be a lot nicer if people hadn’t dumped trash off several of the turns. At the point you near 156 at San Juan Bautista you can take the road back to Fremont Peak State Park.

This road is in much nicer condition and an absolute treasure to ride. The lower part is beautiful with full canopy of trees and both winding roads with fun elevation changes. Halfway you start a much tighter portion. You emerge into some fun ridge top roads with beautiful views. If you can do the ride during the week you rarely have to pass a car on the way up. That’s good because there aren’t many places to pass.

Coming down is much more scenic for the wonderful views but my GoPro battery crapped out so will add that here next!