My Annual Blacktail Hunt at the Diamond C

My annual blacktail hunt with Dylan Carr at the Diamond C ranch, a great time as always. I had decided to try and bow hunt this year and Dylan convinced me to try his new Ravin crossbow, which you can use in a PLM ranch. I agreed and John gave me the walk through when I arrived Friday. Was amazed, it put a bolt into the bullseye repeatedly at 50 yards.

So my first sit Friday I was confident it could get the job done. There was a big three point seen near there and hopes were high. I did see a lot of deer but none of the larger target bucks we identified. I sat again on Saturday night and still no luck. I have come to enjoy the solitude of sitting a blind and the excitement of possibility that comes with the setting sun. I saw turkeys, does, fawns, and many young bucks, just not the big ones we were looking for.

Sunday, we decided to go out on an early morning patrol, and as usual, a very lovely tall backward 3-point was soon sighted. In a very short time, I was handed a rifle, quickly set up on a hilltop, and made an easy shot to take another beautiful velvet buck.