Skyrose Pig Hunt 2022

Anticipating our annual pig hunt at the Skyrose Ranch next month, I realized I never posted last year! This has become such a fun tradition as we approach our third year. Last year it was Jeff Ashlock, Jeff Edman, and my brother Tim and I. Tim was observing this year, and I thought to try and take a giant boar with my bow.

First night out I sat a blind that was super close to a concrete water trough. Maybe a little too close. That evening a big black cow came in to drink, an owl perched on it for a bit, and one buck steered clear in the distance, but no pig sightings.

That evening, Jeff E and Jeff A took pigs with separate guides. They both made great shots and had easy recoveries.


The following day Jared and I headed out. I took my Cooper Backcountry .300 win mag this time, and we decided to stalk for a giant boar. I thought I would try the bow again in the evening. We spotted a few groups of pigs but no big boars. Eventually on our walk Jared spotted a group of pigs in the distance. We snuck closer and he identified one very big gray boar in the group. I think we got to just over 200 yards when I rested my rifle on his tripod and finally got the pig in my sights. My shot was good but we gave him a little time and then headed down to where we thought he might be. Of course I shot him right near the blind and probably had I been sitting in it that morning I would have taken him with my bow. We had a helluva time trying to find him but finally realized he had run towards us and was just down a small rise. Getting him back up the small rise was a bit of a chore with Jared on the hind legs, and me on the fore legs, and a one two three, take a few steps and rest. Unfortunately on one move his head was bouncing around and he broke one of the tips of his tusks off on my boot! Luckily the taxidermist restored him to his full glory and he’ll be hanging in the lodge now at the Skyrose Ranch in time for us to see him later next month.