July Blacktail Hunt -2021

My annual blacktail deer hunt at the Diamond C was fantastic as usual. We were looking for a nice 4×4 that was frequently near a public road and on the hit list to be taken before the B1 season started and the chances of him being poached would be almost certain.

The first day we went out in the evening and we actually caught a glimpse of the buck near a green cattle trough that he frequents. We could not get a great look at him and there was no great way to stalk him as shooting light quickly faded away into the night.

We were out early the next morning and shortly after dawn, we spotted four deer on a far hillside. Dylan quickly determined one was the buck we were after. I quickly got my bi-pod opened and tried to settle down prone for a 300 plus yard shot. We went through my typical inability to locate the right buck in my scope. I finally described the buck in my scope’s actions and got the confirmation. He was at 320 and I was shooting my Cooper Backcountry in .300 win mag.

My first shot was a good hit, right beneath the heart. The buck stayed on his feet though and moved to 380 yards. I was able to put another round into him and dropping him at that spot.

Holly quickly came up to us in the side-by-side 4 wheeler and soon we were on the hill looking for the buck. He was easily found and another amazing 4×4 blacktail. After having taken so many great bucks off this ranch, I still get so excited and this buck is certainly something special. So grateful for having stumbled into hunting the Diamond C in my early days and what’s now a 16-year relationship with the Carr family.