Pig hunt with Oak Stone Outfitters

My friend Jeff Ashlock and I finally set aside the time to go hunting again. We chose Oak Stone Outfitters to try for some California Wild Pigs. I had seen many great pictures from them on their Instagram account. We set up a two-day hunt and met them at the house near Bradley midday on a Tuesday. We followed guide Cory to a ranch house where Jeff and I would be staying. We went out the first night to glass for pigs. We weren’t seeing much.

We experienced a beautiful sunset over the uniquely Californian rolling golden hills. A bald eagle soared by us. After last light, we started to see pigs and spotted a pretty large group heading for some barley fields.

The plan was to return before first light and try and catch them on their way back. That’s pretty much what happened with Jeff first shooting a medium-sized boar. While following up his pig which ended up on a hillside opposite the one we were on, a nice sized sow ran by us. I was ready as she climbed the far hillside and shot just near the top.

Luckily for us both the pigs expired pretty close to a dirt road. My sow was a very short drag to the truck and Jeff’s was a little longer all downhill. Sometimes it all just works out right.

Jeff and I had a great time, he cooked some great meals, salmon filets, and then some incredible rack of lamb. We had a wonderful ranch house all to ourselves for a great two days. We saw many deer, heard a lot of coyotes, even saw a bobcat up on a cattle trough. We’ll definitely be back and are thinking of planning a larger group to spend some time at this wonderful property.