Typical 3 Rifle Blacktail Hunt

So my annual hunt at Diamond C proceeded with great anticipation. I was to hunt a cool non-typical buck named Rojo. By the time August arrived, we changed plans and decided to sit a blind with a very large, Boone & Crockett class buck they were calling the ‘cracked pond buck’ probably from where they first sighted him.

After sitting for him three days and no sign of him we were out patrolling and caught sight of a mature 3×3 with two other smaller bucks. He looked great to me and I have actually only taken on straight 3×3, a hard horned buck Scarface Jr. This one is in full velvet and looked great. We proceeded to stalk the group and cresting a grassy hill they were only 150 yards. I had my Remington 700 custom .270 rifle, put the VXR red dot on the crease and shot. The buck did not go very far although out of our sight. When we came on him we saw how lucky we were as he’d slide down the top of a steep hill towards a creek under a fallen log and his rack stopped right at the top. This made for a fairly easy recovery.

Every hunt at Diamond C is a new adventure and many times it doesn’t work out as anticipated. Many times it does. It’s always a great time and I treasure my relationship with the wonderful Carr family and all the great times I have had hunting the Diamond C.