Mountain Lion in La Honda

I decided to check my trail cam after a couple months. Dreading going through the expected 500 pictures of squirrels and antler less blacktail deer. I get to a pic that looks like a bobcat, eyes glowing behind the brush. Just about died when a big mountain lion steps out. I captured three nice pictures of the cat approaching my trail cam.

The trail cam is at a natural blacktail deer sanctuary spot on my home property in La Honda, CA. There is a deer trail leading up from the creek to a little landing where many does and fawns bed and bucks rub their horns on a nice low willow branch. I captured a picture of a mountain lion two years ago but his head was outside of the picture.

First Mountain Lion picture from 2016

Clearly this was a lion but was so disappointing to have his face off camera. Now two years later here is the sequence from January 2019. Was a little concerning to see since he’s headed right up to where my wife Kari has the suburban and she often takes the cover off late at night before trailering her horse the next day.