Bass Fishing at Lake Chabot

Have had so much fun fishing with my brother Tim over the years but catching a bass has completely eluded me. We’ve killed it on trout, catfish, kokanee, and salmon but I was yet to ever land a bass. Well our last fishing trip his boat was temporarily out of commission so we decided to go old school and rent an electric motor powered small row boat and try Lake Chabot. We trolled around for trout but no luck so we went off into a little offshoot and tried casting for bass near some likely spots. Eventually we decided to try an area bounded by reeds that was almost a perfect box. We anchored and not long after casting to the periphery Tim landed a little bass. Well after that we proceeded to hook seven bass and landed six. I somehow got my big one off just as we were trying to net it.

Was another great time with Tim and now I can say I can add large mouth bass to my fishing resume!

Tim with bass at Lake Chabot

Sean with a little LARGE mouth bass