Spring Turkey at the Diamond C Ranch

Was able to get away for Turkey again this year. Met Dylan Sunday morning and he and his son Clayton and I headed out to try and locate some Toms. Our first stand proved unsuccessful as the tom would answer us back but must have been with hens as he never came in. Our next spot some toms answered and came so fast we barely had time to set up. I propped the ole Mossberg on a rotting stump while Dylan and Clayton set up behind me. It wasn’t long before three toms came straight towards the hen decoy. They were all in a tight group. As they came closer one separated back and fanned out. I shot him but he just flew off. I think I shot over him. The other two trotted back and forth so I shot the larger of the two dropping him. We had fun chasing a band of five pigs that night and the next morning. We would locate them far off but could never find them once we got in position to make a stalk. All the while hearing turkeys gobbling. I took a second turkey Monday afternoon.