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Kari riding Prix St. Georges at The Horse Park in Woodside

Finally have a video of Kari riding the Prix St. George test from a dressage show at The Horse Park in Woodside today. They have a covered ring now which is very nice. It offers some shade for the riders to warm up in before the test and for us spectators as well.

This is only her third test at this level so she’s not too competitive yet. She took fourth today. I have to commend her for working so hard to get to this level. Here is info on the Prix St. Georges test from Dressage-Academy.Com. The music in the background was from another area of the show and not intended to accompany the test although I think it’s a nice touch.

Prix St. Greorges is the beginning of the international levels of dressage. This level is governed by the FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale. A horse competing at this level must be a minimum of 7 years of age. At this level, it is expected that the horse and rider will have successfully exhibited all the required movements at the lower levels. Prix St. Georges continues pirouette and flying change work. Furthermore, rider’s are expected to show distinct differences within the gaits from collection to extention.

Horse and rider pairs are judged similarly to the lower levels in that the judge looks for the correct execution of the required movements, as well as, the willingness of the horse and effectiveness of the rider’s aids. The Musical Freestyle is also performed at this level. As with the lower level tests, this level includes walk, trot and canter work, multiple flying lead changes and half pirouettes.