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Tracking motorcycle rides with Relive application

I saw an Instagram post that featured a cool little video of someone’s dual-purpose ride. I decided to check it out. The other night I did a fun loop I like to do when I don’t have time for a long ride. I go east on 84 from my house in La Honda, take Old La Honda up to Skyline, then north on Skyline until I hit Alpine. West on Alpine which is fun as all hell and winds up on Pescadero Road a short stretch back to 84 just west of La Honda. They have some canned music choices you can select. I am hoping to figure out a way to add my own music.

Alpine Road

Alpine Road from a little ways west from Skyline. Followed another bike for a while until he waved me through. Part two is a little bit past the junction right where the road leads you to Portola Park. Great day on another fun road that takes me home.

Tunitas Creek with my new GoPro Camera

Finally bought a GoPro Camera and my inaugural footage is of my favorite local road Tunitas Creek riding my ’97 DR350SE using the helmet mount. It was about 15 minutes long so put the first half of the ride to a couple of my favorite Santana songs from Moonflower which seems to capture the feeling I get every time I turn off of Skyline down Tunitas and head for the coast.