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Skyrose Pig and Quail Hunt

Jeff Ashlock and I returned to Skyrose this year in November after failing to close the deal in June. Jarod graciously invited us back to try again. This time, we had great success. Jeff took a nice black boar the first night. We spotted a group of pigs and managed to get within 110 yards. Jeff got on the sticks and patiently waited fifteen minutes for Jarod to sort out the best of the bunch. Finally, the big black boar approached us, following a brown sow. Jeff made a perfect shot when the sow finally cleared and dropped him in his tracks.

The next morning we scouted for pigs and found some in a grove of trees. Most of them moved off as we approached but as we got closer Jarod saw a spotted sow was still bedded in the grove. We managed to get within 20 yards. At one point she seemed to have spotted us but we froze and then she bedded down again. I knocked an arrow and put one just over her which got her to stand up. Luckily for us she didn’t move off and I was able to knock a second arrow and get a great shot. She ran a short distance and keeled right over. So great to have two successful pig hunts with no tracking at all which is pretty rare for bow hunting. It turns out my shot went right through the heart.

After taking my pig we headed up to some ridges to hunt quail. Jeff let me borrow his Browning Citori which felt a lot like my Special Sporting Clays gun. Jarod let Jeff use a pump .410 gauge. Climbing the rocky ridges and trying to flush wild quail from the brush was a bigger challenge than I anticipated. You have to react fast when you hear the thrum of their beating wings and often they are away before you can spot them. I was luck to get a couple shots when they flushed into the open giving me a nice passing shot. They were super hard to find without a dog. Jeff found both of mine for me and one was just lost in thick brush. You definitely should have a dog with you for this. It was a lot of fun and I was thrilled to take some wild quail. Investigating recipes now to try them out tonight.

Jeff took a great boar, was in the scope a long time until he finally cleared for his perfect shot.