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Kahr P380 Ammo Test

I recently picked up a used Kahr P380 at my local gun shop. I had ended up with a credit after selling a hunting rifle and decided to give it a try. Have heard great things about them, quality components, match barrel, and excellent useable sights. Went to Reed’s Indoor Shooting Range in San Jose. […]

The New Year’s Eve Ram

On June 12th I’m at work when my friend Dylan jokingly texts me he drew two B Zone deer tags again. The CA draw is out. I tell him I’ll check it tonight after work. When I finally do I’m dumbfounded by the mysterious Y next to ‘Desert Bighorn Sheep’. It takes me a long […]

Boar Sight Shooting School

  Preparing for my upcoming CA Desert Bighorn Sheep I bought a Cooper Backcountry lightweight rifle in .300 winchester magnum. My beautiful custom classic in .270 shot so well I was confident they could make a light weight and accurate rifle. The rifle is 5 3/4 pounds! Should serve me well on any sheep hunts. […]

Glock 21 Keeps Getting Better

I added two upgrades to my Glock 21 in and am very pleased with the results. First, I had it Magnaported. I have a couple other guns ported and I didn’t realize they do Glocks. The effect is noticeable in the reduction of muzzle flip. The .45 is not that bad to begin with, the […]

Action Shooting Club -Feb 22, 2014

Action Shooting Club match again at Chabot Gun Club. First Stage is “Left or Right” with mix of paper and steel engaged through ports. I have a failure to feed with some new Slovakian ammo. Stage Two is “Movers R Us” another go left or go right stage with three different activated targets. Another failure […]

The Action Shooting Club

Back to The Action Shooting Club after being away for a year. I tried to ease into it going slow and of course my scores suffered for it but I shot safely finishing sixth in Production Division. Production has become pretty competitive with two production shooters finishing first and second overall in the match. Stage […]

Shotgun Fun with Paul, Hunter & Dane

Met Paul Roitz, Hunter Cutting and his son Dane up at Los Altos Rod & Gun Club today. We were there to teach Hunter and Dane to shoot clays. Dane is twelve and taking his hunter safety class so he can go duck hunting with his dad and sporting minded family. Dane was a natural. […]

Kimber Ultra CDP II

                            I finally had a chance to shoot my Kimber Ultra CDP II. The Kimber Custom Defense Pistol in Ultra size is the smallest of their 1911 offerings. I had assumed these little .45’s would be extremely hard to shoot accurately. Then […]

Action Shooting Club -August 25, 2012

Enjoyed a great day shooting back at TASC Saturday. Instead of the usual structure they had two morning stages, one complex high round count with a lot of steel and a Classifier called “Life’s Little Problems”. Then we had a nice bbq and celebrated Len Fylock’s retiring from the Club’s Presidency. Len has been involved […]

Glock 21SF

Went To Reed’s Indoor Shooting Range to put the first shots  through my Glock 21 Slim Frame in .45 ACP. I have a stock Glock light on it which slides right onto the rail. I like the controls which are right where you have your trigger finger before preparing to shoot. I put 50 rounds […]