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2017 Blacktail Hunt

Time for my annual Blacktail hunt with Dylan Carr. Had been practicing with the bow every night in hopes of taking a huge buck from a blind again. Well got laid off from work the day before I left so plans adjusted to management buck to be thrifty in case my job search goes longer […]

Big Fork Buck

Hunting with Dylan Carr for a late rut hunt  at the Diamond C in Humboldt County, California. We were looking for several big bucks, one in particular called ‘The Teacher’ but the weather wasn’t cooperating. Much of the ranch was socked in with thick fog. The first day we spotted this very big fork horn […]


Hunting up at the Diamond C this week. The plan was to try and take a buck with my bow, however, I’m always willing to pull out the rifle when there is a buck that we simply want to take ‘by any means necessary’ right now! On Dylan’s ranch that’s not an unusual circumstance and […]

Zero Check

Went to the range today to check the zero on two of my rifles. Going hunting next week back at the Diamond C ranch again. I’m hoping to use my bow but like to have a rifle handy in case this year turns out to be anything like last year. Went up to Los Altos […]

Number 18 Non-Typical Blacktail SCI!

I received my confirmation from Safari Club International on the score for my big non-typical Blacktail from August of last year. He’s officially their new number 18! The non-typicals score much better SCI as they don’t make the deductions for asymmetry like B&C. What an incredible buck! More Pictures here on Flickr

SCI Club 200 Yard Shoot

Saturday I went to the annual 200 yard shoot hosted by my local chapter of Safari Club International. We usually have about 15 guys show up to sight in their rifles for hunting season at the Chabot 200 yard  range which we have to ourselves for the day. I started out with my prized Cooper […]