Book Buck!

I was finally able to get my November 5×4 officially scored for Boone & Crockett and he makes the all time record book with a net score of 137 2/8″

So happy to hear that he makes the all time record book even with his fifth point that is deducted from the net score!

I brought both last years racks to Steve and we scored them in his garage which is an incredible display of world class trophies. My large non-typical falls short of the record book threshold netting 149″ but he still even makes awards on his typical frame alone even after deductions at 127″.

One interesting highlight was a corner of the garage with a mound of abalone shells and some incredible large ones hanging above. He has a framed picture commemorating a day he took three 10″ and one 9.5 back when you could pull four in a day. He also has a great recreation of abalone in their environment.

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