New Trail Camera

The undeveloped portion of our property is bounded by a creek and there is a deer trail that rises up from the creek near my house through some oak trees. I discovered the trail shortly after moving in. Kari and I were awakened one night by something banging against our fence. I went out to investigate and a nice buck was rubbing against a willow tree that was hitting the fence. Shortly after I put up a trail camera and captured the buck rubbing against the willow.

This original camera used film which was expensive and mostly just captured the usual does and fawns. Eventually they all went digital and at that point I starting having it operational much more often and captured many young bucks crossing the trail.

To date my best buck is this old 3×4 I caught just rising up from the creek trail.

My new camera is a Bushnell Trophy Cam ordered through

I set it on video and caught quite a few different critters walking through but no bucks sighted yet. Probably later in the year.

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