Month: July, 2011

Zero Check

Went to the range today to check the zero on two of my rifles. Going hunting next week back at the Diamond C ranch again. I’m hoping to use my bow but like to have a rifle handy in case this year turns out to be anything like last year. Went up to Los Altos […]

Sean & Kari renew their wedding vows

For our 20th anniversary Kari & I decided to spend a relaxing weekend at the Four Seasons and to renew our wedding vows. After careful consideration Kari selected the Canterbury Chapel which is conveniently located on level two of the Excalibur Casino just past the Pizza Hut. The beautiful ceremony was commemorated by both slideshow […]

First Scouting Pics

It’s that time of year again, Dylan Carr from Diamond C Outfitters starts sending me the scouting pictures. I’m heading up to the ranch August 3rd looking for a big buck to take with my bow. These are representative of the quality of deer we’ll see. Hoping to get one of something extraordinary that we’ll […]

100 years later

This year marks the 100 year anniversary of John ‘Moses’ Browning‘s incredible .45 caliber pistol, the venerable “1911” which just might be more popular now than it ever was. I have been meaning to secure a top notch .45 and finally have in my Les Baer Custom Carry. I have tried every .45 I can […]

Fair Chase

Browsing my latest edition of Fair Chase the Boone & Crockett Club quarterly magazine I checked to see if my bucks from last year were finally listed in the back. Not only were they both finally listed but they included a picture of my November 5×4 buck. What a great surprise!