Month: April, 2011

Number 18 Non-Typical Blacktail SCI!

I received my confirmation from Safari Club International on the score for my big non-typical Blacktail from August of last year. He’s officially their new number 18! The non-typicals score much better SCI as they don’t make the deductions for asymmetry like B&C. What an incredible buck! More Pictures here on Flickr

Coyote on Trailcam

Finally caught a coyote on my trail came. I captured a glimpse of this guy last month on video but it’s just two blurry seconds. Here he came up the deer trail and posed for two pictures.

It’s Official!

Received confirmations from the Boone & Crockett Club that my big typical and non-typical Blacktail bucks from last year have been officially accepted. The Typical making the all time record book at 137 2/8 and the non-typical qualifying for the awards book 2010-2012 with his 127 2/8 net typical score. They will both be listed […]

The Action Shooting Club

Had a great time shooting back at TASC again. This time I did a little better than usual shooting clean all day with no miss penalties. The usual suspects and some new ones also rose to the occasion so I finished fourth. I shot too slowly on the first stage and a failure to seat […]