Month: January, 2011

Book Buck!

I was finally able to get my November 5×4 officially scored for Boone & Crockett and he makes the all time record book with a net score of 137 2/8″ So happy to hear that he makes the all time record book even with his fifth point that is deducted from the net score! I […]

Back to TASC

Back to The Action Shooting Club match this weekend. My last time shooting handgun was at the very wet Bay Bridge Charity Classic back in October. I felt pretty good for having not shot in so long taking third in production behind the usual suspects. I was pleased to shoot the classifier really well, probably […]

New Bow: Hoyt Carbon Element

I bought a new bow over the holidays. I had originally planned on getting the Mathews Z7 after shooting it over at Archery Only and being impressed with how easy it was to shoot. Also it shot my same arrow 15 fps faster at 60 pounds than my PSE Enforcer was shooting at 70. When […]