Month: October, 2010

Bucks chasing does

Finally we have some bucks coming through the deer trail after the does. Here is a fork horn with a broken G2. Also the same 3×3 that I had caught on camera a few times earlier.

Classifier Match at The Action Shooting Club

After five months away I finally made it back to the Action Shooting Club match. This match was all USPSA Classifier stages. This gives people the ability to quickly achieve a classification for a new Division. Typically we have only one classifier stage in a match, the scores of which are submitted and determine your […]

Mature Buck on the Trail Cam

Finally captured a mature blacktail buck on my Trail Cam. This 3×3 looks like he’s chasing the ladies. It’s definitely that time of year. Nice to finally see an older buck. You can see in his neck and body size compared to the young ones. Hope to see a really big one this season.