Month: August, 2010

Boone & Crockett Trophy Watch

Was very pleased to see my Blacktail buck featured on the Boone & Crockett web site Trophy Watch section. The oldest conservation organization in America founded in 1887 by one of my heroes Theodore Roosevelt. Taking an animal that they would even consider featuring here is an incredible privilege and honor. The buck I took […]

Going for the One

Each year before hunting season Dylan starts sending me trail cam or spotting scope photos of great bucks he’s been seeing as I anxiously await my annual trip to his ranch, the Diamond C, in Humboldt County. Often there are some specific deer we hope to find but we aren’t usually just looking for one […]

New Trail Camera

The undeveloped portion of our property is bounded by a creek and there is a deer trail that rises up from the creek near my house through some oak trees. I discovered the trail shortly after moving in. Kari and I were awakened one night by something banging against our fence. I went out to […]