Month: July, 2010

Kari riding Prix St. Georges at The Horse Park in Woodside

Finally have a video of Kari riding the Prix St. George test from a dressage show at The Horse Park in Woodside today. They have a covered ring now which is very nice. It offers some shade for the riders to warm up in before the test and for us spectators as well. This is […]

More Scouting Pics

Dylan from the Diamond C ranch has been periodically texting me more scouting pics. The first is from a trail cam and the second two are taken just by holding his phone up to the spotting scope so the resolution isn’t the greatest. Still it’s enough to get pretty excited about the upcoming season. I’m […]

First Scouting Pic

Dylan sent me this last week. First scouting pic for the year from the Diamond C. This buck in velvet is already well past his ears! Looking forward to seeing more pics as we get closer to August. I will probably go mid August and then back up again in November.