Month: May, 2010

Spearfishing over bait

Was up north for ab diving again Saturday. The plan was to dive Ocean Cove but scoping it out there looked to be waves right in the spot we wanted to dive. So headed back down to Fort Ross. Went to the cove where I went the first time. It has something of a steep […]

Winning Production Class!

Today at the Action Shooting Club match, everything came together for me to win Production class. Everything included a low turn out and the guy that usually beats me having a complete meltdown, but I did shoot very well so I’ll take it! We had six short stages which made it a lot of fun. […]

More video from Fort Ross

Turns out Steven got some video of both of us Saturday. I’m in the black and blue wetsuit. He dives first. Then I dive and surface with my first ab of the day. While I’m bagging it he dives and nabs a nice big one:

Diving at Fort Ross

I met Steven Liu at Fort Ross Saturday to free dive for abalone and do some spearfishing. I’ve dove with Steven several times, mostly freediving and once on scuba at Ocean Cove. He’s great to dive with and we usually end up taking our limit of abalone and  spearing some fish. Steven is deaf so […]

Action Shooting Match at Chabot Saturday

I finally managed to get back to The Action Shooting Club match at Chabot yesterday after being absent for a few months, new job keeping me very busy. I did about the same as usual finishing ninth out of 19 and placing 3rd in Production with only one miss on the first stage. I finally […]