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Kayak and Free Diving Timber Cove with Ken Jan

Met Ken Jan at Timber Cove for some abalone diving and spearfishing off our kayaks. We launched just after 8am and paddled out of the cove to the one just north of the point. A little bit more swell in this less protected cove but as we moved in it was pretty calm. Not a […]

Free Diving off my Ocean Kayak

                                              Met Steven Liu and his two friends Tim and Jerry at Ocean Cove, morning of May 12. I’m looking forward to my Ocean Kayak Trident’s maiden voyage. After many hours setting up […]

Free Diving Timber Cove

Met Jerry Hong at Timber Cove. He’s up from LA with his wife Lillian. We’re in the water around 8am.  Gorgeous day but not great visibility and a little big of surge and swell. I found my three abs with some difficulty. And as usual saw many many more bigger abs while hunting for fish. […]

Abalone Diving at Timber Cove

    October 28, 2012 -Diving at Tiber Cove with Jerry Hong.  We were suited up and in the water around 8:30 am. The sea was flat but unfortunately the visibility was not great. We kicked straight out of the cove to the kelp beds at about 30 feet. I was having trouble getting my […]

Ocean Cove May 20, 2012

Met my friend Steven Liu up at Ocean Cove to get back in the water again. It was great visibility but the surge had picked up and it was a little rough outside the cove. I decided to stay inside the wash rock. There weren’t many abs to be seen after the die off last […]

Free Diving in Maui

Kari and I had a great vacation in Maui this month. Managed to spend a lot of time free diving and tried out my GoPro HD HERO2 camera with a housing for underwater video. I mounted the camera on my left wrist. It was a challenge to aim it accurately. I would think I had […]

Abalone Diving at Fort Ross

Went Ab diving Saturday. Folks on the net had warned of poor visibility but I just felt like diving so ended up back at Fort Ross. I decided to take the steep trail down to the south cove, the one with the rope your use to back down the trail. Got in the water about […]

Spearfishing over bait

Was up north for ab diving again Saturday. The plan was to dive Ocean Cove but scoping it out there looked to be waves right in the spot we wanted to dive. So headed back down to Fort Ross. Went to the cove where I went the first time. It has something of a steep […]

More video from Fort Ross

Turns out Steven got some video of both of us Saturday. I’m in the black and blue wetsuit. He dives first. Then I dive and surface with my first ab of the day. While I’m bagging it he dives and nabs a nice big one:

Diving at Fort Ross

I met Steven Liu at Fort Ross Saturday to free dive for abalone and do some spearfishing. I’ve dove with Steven several times, mostly freediving and once on scuba at Ocean Cove. He’s great to dive with and we usually end up taking our limit of abalone and  spearing some fish. Steven is deaf so […]