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Mom & Dad’s 50th Anniversary Video

Katy assembled all the photos and scanned them. I uploaded them to Animoto and put it to some Thlonious Monk for their guests to enjoy while having drinks at their party.

Sean & Kari renew their wedding vows

For our 20th anniversary Kari & I decided to spend a relaxing weekend at the Four Seasons and to renew our wedding vows. After careful consideration Kari selected the Canterbury Chapel which is conveniently located on level two of the Excalibur Casino just past the Pizza Hut. The beautiful ceremony was commemorated by both slideshow […]

Ireland 1983

In 1983 I was twenty years old and had planned a great adventure, to go on a solo summer backpacking trip across Ireland. My grandfather was born in Limerick, Ireland. My parents had been back and visited with our relatives there and had a great time. I wanted to go explore my Irish roots. Soon […]