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October Trail Cam Videos

August & September Trail Cam Videos

Compilation of the deer trail from August and September. Some unusual non-indigenous creatures make their appearance at the halfway point.  

Coyote on Trail Cam

The lack of any good bucks on the trail cam this year has been disappointing. Just one odd shaped fork horn is all I’ve seen. Checked the camera today and was pleased to see two sequences of a coyote. Looks like the same guy I caught previously

First Scouting Pics

It’s that time of year again, Dylan Carr from Diamond C Outfitters starts sending me the scouting pictures. I’m heading up to the ranch August 3rd looking for a big buck to take with my bow. These are representative of the quality of deer we’ll see. Hoping to get one of something extraordinary that we’ll […]

New kids on the block

First bucks showing up on the trail cam for 2011 along with some new fawns. Lots of pics with a doe with a single fawn and this doe with two fawns. And lots of video of this young buck sporting a single spike in velvet. And our first full fledged buck of the year, this […]

Coyote on Trailcam

Finally caught a coyote on my trail came. I captured a glimpse of this guy last month on video but it’s just two blurry seconds. Here he came up the deer trail and posed for two pictures.

Bucks chasing does

Finally we have some bucks coming through the deer trail after the does. Here is a fork horn with a broken G2. Also the same 3×3 that I had caught on camera a few times earlier.

Mature Buck on the Trail Cam

Finally captured a mature blacktail buck on my Trail Cam. This 3×3 looks like he’s chasing the ladies. It’s definitely that time of year. Nice to finally see an older buck. You can see in his neck and body size compared to the young ones. Hope to see a really big one this season.

Baby Buck Fight

Finally starting to see some bucks on my trail cam. I saw this fork horn last week. Here he is again hanging out with a young spike buck. If you look closely you can see his short spikes. They play around at fighting. Should see some big bucks soon.

New Trail Camera

The undeveloped portion of our property is bounded by a creek and there is a deer trail that rises up from the creek near my house through some oak trees. I discovered the trail shortly after moving in. Kari and I were awakened one night by something banging against our fence. I went out to […]