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Mountain Lion in La Honda

I decided to check my trail cam after a couple months. Dreading going through the expected 500 pictures of squirrels and antler less blacktail deer. I get to a pic that looks like a bobcat, eyes glowing behind the brush. Just about died when a big mountain lion steps out. I captured three nice pictures […]

July bucks on Trailcam

Finally have a few bucks on the trailcam. The first is the same wide buck from May who now is starting to look like an 8-Point Whitetail deer. I’m calling him ‘Whitey’    

New Trail Cam

My old Trailcam finally gave up the ghost so have a new one and my first few pics for 2017 are coming in. Usual does and fawns but one nice buck starting to grow and the same old coyote.  

September Blacktails on the Trail Cam

Captured some of the regulars my own trailcam. My property has a great little deer sanctuary on an undeveloped half acre. A deer trail rises from the creek to a little flat clearing with a nice willow tree with a great horizontal branch for rubs or does to bed under. This month I captured a […]

Three young bucks

Looks like the bucks are growing early and fast here in La Honda. I’ve seen one great 3×2 with tall eye guards. Hope to catch him on the trail cam soon.  

Blacktail fork horn at sunset

December Trail Cam Videos

In December a couple larger bucks made their appearance. a fairly wide 4×3. The usual coyote. And lots of bucks of all sizes rubbing the willow tree branch.

October Trail Cam Videos

August & September Trail Cam Videos

Compilation of the deer trail from August and September. Some unusual non-indigenous creatures make their appearance at the halfway point.  

Coyote on Trail Cam

The lack of any good bucks on the trail cam this year has been disappointing. Just one odd shaped fork horn is all I’ve seen. Checked the camera today and was pleased to see two sequences of a coyote. Looks like the same guy I caught previously